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Automotive Diagnostics and Repair Services

Our team of fully qualified automotive mechanics at Gosford City Mechanical Repairs have a high degree of technical knowledge that enables us to diagnose and repair problems that other mechanics may often miss. We consider diagnostic services to be our specialization and we are experts at reading and analyzing the live data that diagnostic scanners output – just like in the matrix, we can tell when even one single number is out of place!

If your car has been making strange noises or has become difficult to drive or steer and you don’t know what the cause is, then book it into Gosford City Mechanical Repairs for a full diagnostic scan and test – call 02 4325 0051 to arrange a suitable time and day.

The Diagnostics and Repairing Process:

The very first step in our diagnostic process is to have a detailed conversation with the customer – nobody knows your car better than you, so we try to extract as much information about the problem, noise or fault that your vehicle is experiencing as we can. We will often request that you take us for a drive in the car and point out the problem, especially if it is a noise or drivability issue that you are experiencing.

The next step in our process is to run a diagnostics scan using a specialized piece of equipment to read the fault codes in your car’s computer. This will generally give us a good starting point as to the area of your car that is causing the problem, but it is often not the complete or exact answer – for example, the fault code might tell us that there is a problem with the oxygen sensor but it doesn’t tell us what is causing the problem. The cause of the problem might be something different completely, and replacing the oxygen sensor won’t fix the underlying problem, it will just cost time and money.

The third step in our diagnostics process is to conduct tests – we don’t like to ‘diagnose by replacement parts’, which means that the mechanic just keeps on guessing and replacing parts until the problem is fixed, because this can lead to much larger bills than necessary. Rather, we prefer to take a bit more time to run additional tests and ensure that the part that we are going to purchase and replace for you is the part that needs replacing. This ensures that we can keep costs for our customer as low as possible and not charge for any unnecessary work or parts.

We will keep you informed throughout every step of the diagnostic process to ensure that our service is transparent and that you always know the status of your vehicle as well as your bill. Contact Steve today on 02 4325 0051 if you have any questions or would like additional information.

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