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Gosford Logbook Servicing, General Servicing and Registration Checks

Gosford City Mechanical Repairs provide comprehensive servicing for your car or 4WD. Our professional mechanics are trained to service any make and model of car and also specialise in European vehicles.

Our staff speak to you in plain English and will inform you of any work required before commence, ensuring that you are kept up to date every step of the way. We will also always do our best to provide different options to suit your budget.

We have outlined some of the different servicing that we provide below – if you would like more information about any of them or are ready to book your car in for a service, contact Steve and his team today on 02 4325 0051.

Log Book Servicing

Different makes and models of vehicles require logbook servicing at different stages in their lifecycle. They also require different items to be checked during the service, which is why you need a reliable mechanic who is familiar with the different makes and models and has a good understanding of your car and how to read logbooks (they are trickier than they seem!) to conduct the logbook service on your car.

When you book your vehicle in for a logbook service at Gosford City Mechanical Repairs, we’ll provide you with an estimate over the phone. When you bring in your car, we’ll check over all of the usual items such as the oil, brakes, steering, suspension and tyres as well as any additional items that are outlined in the logbook for your specific vehicle.

If we come across any additional items that need to be repaired or replaced, we’ll contact you to let you know before we undertake the work so that you don’t end up with any unexpected bills. Our log book servicing will not void your new car warranty.

General Servicing

Our general servicing is quite like our log book servicing but is usually conducted on older vehicles that are outside of their warranty period and therefore don’t require specific log book items to be checked. It involves checking and changing the oil, testing the brakes, checking the suspension, tyres, steering and all of the other major components of the car. (Better in itemised form)

Registration Checks

We conduct registration checks on all light vehicles and LPG vehicles under 4.5 tonne. We follow the formal procedure set by the RSA RMS? for our registration checks – so when you bring your vehicle in, if it passes we will provide you with the paperwork and certification, if it does not pass then we will tell you why and what needs to be fixed. We will also provide you with a quote for us to complete the required work.

You will then have 21 days to fix the items and have your vehicle reassessed free of charge. If you do not get the items fixed and your car re-checked within this timeframe, then you will need to pay for a new registration check.

Our registration checks are very quick, usually 20-30 minutes and we have a great waiting room with a coffee machine that you are more than welcome to wait in our comfortable waiting room until we are done.

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