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Gosford Mechanic: Tyre and Battery Services

It does not matter how good the driver is or how safe the rest of the car is, if you don’t have good quality tyres on your vehicle, you are putting your passengers and yourself at jeopardy. At Gosford City Mechanical Repairs, we have selected a range of tyre brands that provide good quality products with long life spans, good traction in wet conditions and are of a high safety standard – we would never fit your car with a product, tyre or otherwise, that did not meet our high safety standards.

Our experienced team of mechanics are also very knowledgeable about what brand of tyres and batteries are best suited to different driving needs as well as makes and models of vehicles, so if you are uncertain or have any questions, give us a call on 02 4325 0051.

Tyre Replacement and Repairs

As part of our full car servicing solution, Gosford City Mechanical Repairs provide a tyre replacement and repair service. We carry a range of different tyre options to suit your vehicle and our specialist staff are on hand to give you advice to help you select the right tyre solution for your car.

We carry a range of different brands that we have selected based on their quality, safety standard and price including:

  • Goodyear
  • Pirelli
  • Hankook
  • Firestone
  • Falken

Whether you need performance, safety in the wet, 4WD or a complete all-rounder, we have the right tyre solution to suit any budget or make and model of vehicle.

Battery Replacement and Repairs

We stock Supercharge batteries, which are known for their superior starting power, power longevity, resistance to heat and corrosion and efficiency in producing current conductivity and cranking power. They make a range of different batteries for cars, 4WDs and light trucks with product warranties between 2 -3 years.

For more information about our battery replacement services, contact Steve today on 02 4325 0051.

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